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Student Success

The HHA Difference

At the HHA, student concerns are promptly and collaboratively addressed to ensure that all of our children best reach their full potential. Our Student Success Team provides student support, enrichment, and teacher consultation in addressing the varied learning needs and strengths of students in the Hamilton Hebrew Academy. 

The Services We Provide

Our Team works collaboratively with classroom teachers to:

  • Implement differentiated instruction in the classroom 

  • Provide enrichment materials for gifted learners

  • Provide support for any necessary accommodations and modifications to grade curriculum

  • Create IEPs and Learning Profiles for exceptional learners 

  • Administer standardized testing, which include: DIBELS, CAT4 testing, Hebrew Reading diagnostics and Judaic decoding skill assessments, to identify student proficiencies and areas which may require support or enrichment.

In addition our Team provides:

  • Targeted one-on-one student support 

  • Assistance with government funded Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy Referrals

  • Print Groups for children who do not qualify for OT services from the LHIN

Our Team

  • Mrs.Cassie van Staalduinen, Resource Learning Educator

  • Mrs. Pauline Smit, Educational Specialist

  • Mr. George Mantik, Educational Specialist

  • Mrs. Rachelli Dukesz, Judaics Specialist

  • Mrs. Libby Shaw, School Counselor

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