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Our warm and nurturing learning environment encourages active exploration and discovery. Our dedicated teachers foster within each child a love of learning and an excitement for life. Our daycare and preschool experiences are enriched with music, art, and dance, and places a special emphasis on Jewish life. Our programme is designed to enable each child to thrive, in their own unique way, in a loving atmosphere.


Our provincially certified daycare offers full-day, and part-day, programmes with learning environments for infants, toddlers, and nursery age children.  Daycare hours are Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:30 pm. 

The programme is offered for 12 months a year and is closed on statuatory and major Jewish holidays.


In Kindergarten, our children experience both our Kinder Gan & Early Learning Centre.

The Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre provides a loving and nurturing educational setting that enables each child to flourish in their own unique way.  Our certified teachers incorporate innovative and interactive teaching techniques to make the study of mathematics, language, science, art, athletics, and movement, exciting for young minds. 


The programme:

  • Fosters the social emotional well-being of each child.

  • Instills a sense of care for self, others, and the environment.

  • Enables children to understand problem-solving in concrete terms through mathematics and sensorial activities.

  • Empowers children to independently build their foundation in phonics and reading.

  • Inspires a reverence for humanity and all life. through the exploration of Geography, Biology, Botany, and Zoology.


At the Kinder-Gan Jewish life comes alive. The learning environment is infused with the beauty and joy of Jewish living through interactive instruction, dynamic activities, art, song and stories. The curriculum includes Hebrew language, Jewish Holidays, Jewish life, Tefilah & Song.

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