The Hamilton Hebrew Academy is dedicated to fostering an inclusive learning environment that welcomes and embraces children and families from diverse Jewish backgrounds. We are committed to the development of the whole child by nurturing the unique intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each individual student.

At the HHA, inquiry, self-expression, and independent thinking are valued as integral components of the learning process. Our school is dedicated to providing the framework for students to explore, extend, and intensify their involvement with Jewish living in an open and understanding atmosphere.

This is achieved by instilling within our students:

  • A love for life-long learning.

  • A passion for Torah and Jewish living.

  • A commitment to the broader Jewish community and the State of Israel.

  • A sense of civic responsibility and universal outlook of social concern.





Our warm and nurturing learning environment encourages active exploration and discovery. Our dedicated teachers foster within each child a love of learning and an excitement for life. Our daycare and preschool experiences are enriched with music, art, and dance, and places a special emphasis on Jewish life. Our programme is designed to accommodate each child’s unique needs and children are grouped according to their stage of development.


Our provincially certified daycare offers full-day, and part-day, programmers with learning environments for infants, toddlers, and nursery age children.  Daycare hours are Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. 

The programme is offered for 12 months a year and is closed on statutory and major Jewish holidays. (Click here for Daycare Calendar).


In Kindergarten, our children experience both our Kinder Gan & Early Learning Centre.

The Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre provides a loving and nurturing educational setting that enables each child to flourish in their own unique way.  Our certified teachers incorporate innovative and interactive teaching techniques to make the study of mathematics, language, science, art, athletics, and movement, exciting for young minds. 


The programme:

  • Fosters the social emotional well-being of each child.

  • Instills a sense of care for self, others, and the environment.

  • Enables children to understand problem-solving in concrete terms through mathematics and sensorial activities.

  • Empowers children to independently build their foundation in phonics and reading.

  • Inspires a reverence for humanity and all life. through the exploration of Geography, Biology, Botany, and Zoology.


At the Kinder-Gan Jewish life comes alive. The learning environment is infused with the beauty and joy of Jewish living through interactive instruction, dynamic activities, art, song and stories. The curriculum includes Hebrew language, Jewish Holidays, Jewish life, Tefilah & Song.



At the HHA we believe that education extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Our school’s progressive curriculum is designed to provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and self-esteem to excel in all areas of life. Our educational philosophy places a strong emphasis on the holistic development of each child focusing on self-development and the building of leadership skills.  Our full-time school counselor provides support to both teachers and students to create the optimal environment conducive for growth.

General Studies

Interdisciplinary integration allows students to explore core ideas across various subject matters. Integration conveys an important theological value enabling students to see the relevancy of Jewish wisdom in modern life and the world as an organic whole.


The HHA fosters an atmosphere of inquiry and intellectual stimulation during the critical primary years, providing a setting for emotional growth in a safe and nurturing environment. Our general studies programme meets and exceeds the guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education preparing and encouraging students to continue the pursuit of knowledge throughout their lives. Our goal is to enable our students to appreciate the significance of Jewish values and see their integration into the democratic traditions of Canadian and Western culture.


In addition to our home-room teachers, our staff includes teaching specialists in the areas of Science and Nature, French, the Arts, Athletics, and Multi-Media. Our media center, athletic facilities, science lab, and Diverse Learning Centre enhance the core curriculum to provide the optimal school environment for the full development of our students.

Judaic Studies & Hebrew Language

Our Judaic Studies and Hebrew language programmes portray Judaism as a "Torat Chayim"; a living dynamic that is both relevant and meaningful to our students. 

Hebrew language acquisition begins in preschool with a proficiency based model that builds fluency through meaningful communication with real-life purposes. These foundations are reinforced in the primary grades with an emphasis on Hebrew literacy which includes reading and writing.

In Judaics, special emphasis is placed on developing the decoding skills necessary to read classic Jewish texts in their original.  In Grades 2-5, an emphasis is placed on Chumash (Bible) which expands into Navi, Mishna, and Talmud. 

Beyond Jewish literacy, our value based curriculum identifies and fosters core Jewish values and strengthens the sense of relevancy that our students have for their Judaic studies.

Throughout the scholastic calendar, as the Jewish Holidays approach, our school takes on special energy. Each holiday develops its own character and flavour with innovative events, projects and programming.  

One of the paramount goals of the HHA is to instill within our students a love and appreciation for the State of Israel. An important bond with the Jewish State is created by exploring its history from ancient times through the present. Throughout the school year, students are introduced to various Israeli speakers that share first-hand challenges that face our nation.


Among our many specialty teachers, the HHA employs two Israeli student instructors as part of their national service who enhance the Judaic component of our school. In addition to assisting in various classrooms and spearheading special events, these instructors teach in our Jewish studies enrichment programmes.  Jewish history is also incorporated within the curriculum with prominence around Yom Haaztmaut and Yom Hashoah.

Middle School Tracks

The HHA is dedicated to creating a learning environment that explores the modern relevancy and application of classical Jewish ideas and texts while respecting the diverse backgrounds and affiliations of all students. All students are embraced equally with a strong emphasis placed on subjects that unite and define us as Jews.


Our Middle school division, offers two tracks, a Culture Based Track and a Source Based Track.


1.    Culture Based Track

       Students are exposed to the richness of Jewish life by:

  • Examining Jewish social studies through the study of present-day life in Israel and Jewish historical figures throughout the ages.

  • Exploring Biblical narratives and concepts through a contemporary lens.

  • Investigating relevant lessons from the Talmud as they apply to modern-day life.

  • Fostering informed debate and critical thinking.

2.    Source Based Track

       Students are exposed to the richness of Jewish life by:

  • Developing the skills required to read, interpret, analyze and appreciate classic Jewish texts.

  • Developing an understanding of the historical context and genre of classical Jewish works.

  • Fostering informed debate and critical thinking.



At the HHA, student concerns are promptly and collaboratively addressed to ensure that all of our children best reach their full potential. Our Student Success Team provides student support, enrichment and teacher consultation in addressing the varied learning needs and strengths of students in the Hamilton Hebrew Academy. 


Our Team:

  • Mrs.Cassie van Staalduinen, Resource Learning Educator

  • Mrs. Mary Martha Starkman, Educational Specialist

  • Mr. George Mantik, Educational Specialist

  • Mrs. Rachelli Dukesz, Judaics Specialist

  • Mrs. Libby Shaw, School Counselor

Our Team works collaboratively with classroom teachers to:

  • Implement differentiated instruction in the classroom 

  • Provide enrichment materials for gifted learners

  • Provide support for any necessary accommodations and modifications to grade curriculum

  • Create IEPs and Learning Profiles for exceptional learners 

  • Administer standardized testing, which include: DIBELS, CAT4 testing, Hebrew Reading diagnostics and Judaic decoding skill assessments, to identify student proficiencies and areas which may require support or enrichment.

In addition our Team provides:

  • Targeted one-on-one student support 

  • Assistance with government funded Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy Referrals

  • Print Groups for children who do not qualify for OT services from the LHIN.




Hamilton Hebrew High is the pulse of Jewish teen life in the region with vibrant programmes & after-school, for-credit, Judaic Studies courses for students attending grades 9-12 in an Ontario public school.


Joining the trend of the growing numbers of Hamiltonians who commute to Toronto daily, the HHA has launched a high school shuttle for students who wish to attend Jewish high schools in Toronto.


By the shuttle's use of toll highways and high occupancy lanes, Hamilton students are able to travel most days to Toronto schools, during rush hour, in slightly over one hour. The goal of the shuttle is to facilitate the needs of all segments of the Hamilton Jewish community.


As more families view Jewish high school education as a feasible option, the number of participating students will undoubtedly continue to grow.

For more information call 905-528-0039 or email


Making the Jewish Day School experience accessible to all!

With new daily bus routes, Jewish Day School education is now a convenient reality.


  • · Niagara/St. Catharines

  • · Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph

  • · Burlington/Oakville/Mississauga​

The Hamilton Hebrew Academy is the premier Jewish education provider in southwestern Ontario now servicing a radius of 100km.

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